Peugeot 1893-1894

This bicycle still has the original paint, you can even see remains of the head badge. This tells us 'Valentigney' and then the official name of the company (in red) 'Les fils de Peugeot Frères' (the sons of the Peugeot brothers).

The bike is one of the Peugeot 1893-1894 models and has tangent spokes and cushion tyres. Peugeot built a whole range of different bikes in those years, and they all seem to be different! In most of the cases the factory name is inscripted in the cranks. As a 'hand written' word or in a small circle.

I made a page mentioning alle featured Peugeot bicycles and more info on serial numbers.
Pictures copyright: Michiel Röben Diabolodesign